Grillpro 7 lb. Lava Rock

September 23, 2014 - Comment

Replacement natural lava rocks. Poly bagged.

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Replacement natural lava rocks. Poly bagged.


Scott Taber "Scott" says:

Cheaper at lowes 0

Hans Blix says:

Smokey..cheaper at HomeDepot 0

Michael H. Howell says:

It is Bar B Que time again When we bought our new Bar B Que grill in December when they were closing it out. (I like bargains). We didn’t notice that the package of Lava Rocks were not there. I tried at Home Depot and Walmart to buy replacement Rocks but it was either the wrong time of the year or they just don’t carry them. I went on Ebay and same thing. Checked out Amazon and there they were. I bought them and 4 days later they were delivered. We used the grill that night and have used it at least once a week…

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