Cookingstar Replacement Part Kit for Gas Grill Brinkmann 810-1750-s 810-1751-S 810-3551-0, Stainless Steel Burners& Heat Plates& Crossover Tubes and Electrode

July 12, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Sort of easy to install if you have an angle grinder…. installed into a Brinkmann grill The unit came well packaged and easy to understand. I was using these burners as Brinkmann has gone out of business and this set of burners came up as a replacement. They are beautiful and seem to be well made, I have only used the grill three times since installing them.First problem is that when mounting them in my grill they had to go in upside down (the holes that transfer the flame from one side of the burner to the other are on the bottom, not on the top as they are…

Anonymous says:

Burner does not work. Installed and the burners did not burn properly. The back burner brackets mounted fine but are cheap.Cleaned up the original burns and put them back into the grill. The others just donâ??t work. It looks to me as if the holes are too small to generate a good flame. Itâ??s not worth the time to pack it back up and ship it back.Donâ??t buy…

Anonymous says:

Worked for my Brinkman All the pieces were packed well and installation was quick and easy. Saved me from having to purchase another grill. Should last another couple years

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